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Each month the gallery offers the work of a different photographer at its Spokane location. On this web-site, the gallery offers the current photographer's work along with the work of photographers who have displayed at the gallery in previous months.  All photographs are available for sale using Pay-Pal or by contacting the gallery directly.
Most photos are available in sizes other than those listed. For other sizes, shipping, and for mounting and matting services, please contact the gallery.

To submit photos for consideration, please e-mail small jpg sample files to Joe Nuess at

The gallery is located in downtown Spokane, Wa., on the skywalk just east of Macy's in the Bennett Block. 

530 W. Main/Skywalk Level
Spokane, Washington  99201

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Bill and Kathy Kostelec

(Featured Artist of the Month)
Bill and Kathy Kostelec are committed to film photography and they use a variety of cameras and lenses dating from 1897 to 1970. This exhibit reveals some of their work in a set of images from the dar... View full statement

Fort Bragg

Browns Lone Tree


Cole Thompson

(Featured Artist of the Month)
The Ghosts of Auschwitz-Birkenau What can be said about Auschwitz-Berkenau that hasn’t already been said?What can be photographed at those sacred places that hasn’t already been photographed... View full statement

Auschwitz No. 14

Auschwitz No. 13

Auschwitz No. 1

Harry von Stark

(Featured Artist of the Month)
Once you add words or a word to what you see you tend to see it through those words and that's the way it stays in the normal course of things. I tend to see the world as lines, shapes, and colors i... View full statement

Quil Bay

Main Line


J. Mark Griffith

(Featured Artist of the Month)
FROM ABOVE Water and soil always get my attention from the air. It is not just the patterns that appear, but the activity that is on display. The wind, the tides, the power, and the calm. Strange t... View full statement

Water 011

Tidal Plain 020

Farm Field 005

Jen Mitsuko

(Featured Artist of the Month)
I create photographs that have a painterly look and feel. In my work I strive to make the viewer think, but I use various aesthetics and concepts ranging from surrealism to abstract. To me a photo... View full statement

Salty sweetness crashing upon the weary soul.

Time flux

Reaching_ into the void and finding the nuances life

The Photogs

(Featured Artist of the Month)
The Brickwall Photographic Gallery is presenting "The Photogs, Again" for March First Fridat Artwalk. The Photogs are a group of Northwest art photographers presenting their third show at the gallery... View full statement

Ira Gardner

Richard Heinzen

Jay Cousins

Joe Nuess

I tend to photograph simple visions of what I see – something isolated or removed from it's expected setting. But not always.

All sizes are approximate with longer side being the longer dimension ie an 11x14 may be 8x14 to fit the proportions.

For mounted prints add: 8x10- $10.00, 11x14- $15.00, 16x20- $20.00

Shipping costs are Fed-Ex plus 15%

Foggy Day

Mask 1


Artichoke 2a

Wave Shell

Under Water


Clam Diggers I



The Brick Wall Gallery features a new photographer each month. Previously featured artists have photographs available for sale through this web site or by contacting the gallery directly. If you would like to view more works by a featured photographer, please contact the gallery and we will arrange for further viewing.

If you are a photographer interested in displaying at the gallery, please contact Joe Nuess for information.



Bill and Kathy Kostelec

Bill Kostelec

Cole Thompson

Erik Sohner

Frank Knapp

Harry von Stark

J. Mark Griffith

Jason Langer

Jen Mitsuko

Joe Nuess

Kathy Kostelec

Moises Levy

Shelly Murney

The Photogs

Brick Wall Photographic Gallery
530 W. Main/Skywalk
Spokane, Washington 99201
Photos sold through this site are not for commercial use.
Contact Brickwall Gallery for commercial fees.

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